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Idiot Waltz

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This is a stub.
More will be added later, explaining people why they are wrong and need to stop making fools of themselves.

Feel free to link back to this post as a quick way to correct the misattribution.

In a nutshell, here’s “Death Waltz” by John Stump:

First sheet of Faeries Aire and Death Waltz

First sheet of Faeries Aire and Death Waltz

The second and final page of Faeries Aire and Death Waltz

Page 2

And here’s a video of what people have been claiming to be “Death Waltz, by John Stump”:

And here’s “U.N. Owen Was Her?”(Japanese: UNオーエンは彼女なのか?) by ZUN:

And here’s a fan-made remix of “U.N. Owen” titled “Final Savage Sister Flandre S” (Japanese: 最終鬼畜妹フランドール・S) by Beat Mario of the COOL&CREATE:

For anyone who can read music or is capable of recognizing any kind of pattern, this should be enough.

But we’re dealing with almost creationist level idiocy here; this much can’t possibly be enough.

As I said before, more will be added later; when I end up getting pissed off by people being idiots on the Internet again.

Suggestions for additions to the article are welcome.

Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of relevant links not incorporated into the article yet:

Touhou 6’s official page on August 2002

COOL&CREATE’s official page for the CD with the remix as seen on January 2005

Performance of the real Death Waltz, posted July 2009; eight months before the first idiot posted UN Owen on Youtube with the wrong title.

The oldest video of Touhou 6’s Extra Stage I could find.

The oldest video of UN Owen posted under the title “Death Waltz” is the first embedded video of the page, posted on March 2010.

DISCLAIMER: The angry tone in this article does not apply to those who made an honest mistake and then corrected themselves. It applies to those who either insist in the wrong title for no good reason or are doing it intentionally to gain views with a title that they think will be more attractive.



The twit twat killer.

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Yes, atanok got a Google Wave invite.

And a first-generation one at that, which means I get to shell out 20 invites to whomever wants them.

Commenting here might get you one, if you’re the first to find out the sikrit passphrase, which is already in your browser’s cache if you’re reading this.

And now, to test Wave and one of the myriad of bots already in existence… disregard that, embedding public waves is not as trivial as I thought.

I’m not sure what I meant with the title.

You can’t really kill that which does not exist.


Amarok + Kalarm = alarm clock

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Open Kalarm, create a new command alarm, check Enter a script box and paste this in:

amarok --play
qdbus org.kde.amarok /Player org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.VolumeSet 100
amixer sset Master 100

Bam! Amarok alarm.

Don’t forget to leave Kalarm turned on for the night.

You may turn off your sound system, given that you have some unnecessarily intricate contraption to turn it on in time, or a programmable time switch.

Also, thanks to the guys at #amarok for pointing me to D-Bus.


How to run Umineko no Naku Koro ni (en) portable and multi-OS

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Update: getting the Windows version and then the onscripter executables for Mac and GNU/Linux is the best method right now.
Get everything at this page.

The Linux executable on that page is statically linked, which drastically reduces dependencies, at the cost of being larger and… well… not being dynamically linked. But it’s better for portability.

[rest is outdated, Witch Hunt have released a new version of the patch, which makes things slightly harder for Mac users attempting this guide. Can still be used as a reference.]

v1 rev3


This how to is intended for those who want to:

  • Use ONScripter-EN to play graphic novels in GNU/Linux.
  • “Install” Umineko no Naku Koro ni in GNU/Linux. (With english patch)
  • Make the game portable so you can play it on multiple operating systems and/or machines.

That includes Windows users who want to play in multiple Windows installations/computers.

We will be using Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) as the base distro.

I personally use Linux Mint 6, which is for all matters the same.

A great deal of credit for this guide must go to NegativeZero from pinkubentobox for his post on running Umineko in Linux.

This wouldn’t be possible without:

ONScripter-EN‘s maintainer, Haeleth

The original ONScripter.

The Witch Hunt Translation Project, who take all credit for the english translation patch.

07th Expansion‘s Ryukishi07 – need I say more?




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Exhibit A
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:

In my defense, all I can say is that I was trying to overflow it.


BBlogathon: It’s ON

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In an unprecedented display of bold disregard for one’s clear disadvantage, I- the holder of the proud name atanok, accept the challenge launched upon me by the bbot — in a fair contest between the two of us mighty bloggers for the duration of twenty four hours.

I wish my worthy opponent the best of luck.


godawful transcript

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This was posted in a doujinstyle thread about the video I “stole” and reuploaded due its unrivaled accurate introduction to Touhou, that good old Akihabara doujin anime we all know and love.

The video was first posted by me at Encyclopedia Dramatica’s own Touhou page, and then picked up by some guy who started the aforementioned thread with it.

I found about the thread thanks to youtube’s video statistics, which shows referrers and embed locations.

The post:

I failed to beat the final boss in Uwabami Breakers again, so I went and vented my slight frustration by doing a transcript of the whole damned video, for your enjoyment.

I stuck to typing everything correctly, despite any wrong pronunciation. Because it’s just that more fun this way.

Plain text, no formatting.

Best read in synchrony with the video.

Ok so guys uh
just as uh- as I promised twenty seconds ago
well, I’m still uploading the video up on youtube
I’m gonna show you this anime game
I have a couple anime games
like Haruhi Suzumiya a couple
I’m gonna show you… a doujinshi anime called touhou
ok, hum
let me tell you about doujinshi
doujinshi is a fan made manga, in Tokyo
specifically it’s made in a town called akihabara in Japan, if you heard of it
so, uh the point is to sell doujinshis just like you sell manga
for people who can’t actually form a uh, actual manga… *vibration sound* company
aw shit that’s my cellphone
let me just get it – wait
oh fucking hell
fuck you
ok, so I’m back uh
where were we?
yeah, doujinshi
so yeah
and there’s this one doujinshi anime called Touhou
these are some of the characters, in the doujinshi game
now, the game
it’s an STG, RPG/STG game
STG stands for… shooting game… I think
shooting game.
bullet curtains.
it’s a- it’s a shooting game
yeah, just think of it that way
so yeah here we go
you might not hear my voice but
the heck with it
wait let me
I- I know a thing uh
let me just lower the volume in the game
ok so uh here we go
I can put this in fullscreen
but I’m gonna avoid it any chances of uh failed recording
so I have to redo the whole fucking thing over again
no, I’m not gonna do that, I’m not gonna risk that chance
so here we go
The game’s…
ok, here we go
ok, it’s kind of slow because I’m recording it
I’m audio recording and screen recording it
just give a minute
*phone vibrates*
fucking hell
I’m on easy mode
I- I have been on Lunatic mode
which is the hardest level
next to uh Hard level
ok, there’s these creatures
and uh the uh boss
should come any minute
the game is called Touhou Mountain of Faith
It’s a Japanese game of course because it’s a doujinshi game
I’m not sure if this is all gonna come up right or not
and I have cleared this game- this whole game
so yeah
that’s how the game is
I only show you a preview because in my actually-
when I’m actually gonna show you the actual game in full screen
I’m gonna… well I’m gonna make the video separate
this is just a review on the anime- doujin anime called Touhou
you can download these games off of doujin style dot com
I think it was dot com
just google it
go to google and type in doujin
doujin hyphen style dot com
if it wasn’t that URL just google it
type in doujin – D-O-U… G-I-N… hyphen.. style.. S-T-Y-L-E dot com
sooner or later you’re gonna find a download link for it
there’s about ten games
from that anime
so have fun
it’s a really good game
it takes about- it took me about five hours to clear the whole game on normal level
normal level
and it’s pretty difficult if you don’t have any- you know fast reactions
good reactions
so you’re gonna need common sense and reactions
and of course have fun to play the fun game
this is zk43a
on the next video I’ll show you the actual preview without me talking in it
playing the… game
so yeah, sorry about that… confusion
so… I guess I’ll see ya.

I’m planning to adapt this script into subtitles, and perhaps cleaned and pronunciation-accurate versions.

But I’m simply not wasting more time on this right now.

I have a fake black barman that needs to be taken care of.

note: transcript released under the WTF Public License


Randomness #1

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This blag needs more posting, but even if I have a lot on my mind I can’t seem to find the time to write about it.

So, it’s time for some randomness.

The following transcript occurred in the sequence of this post:

<atanok> 9. ↓-2 (7) : Naruto 43 – Viz Shonen Jump, [608.2] ::
<atanok> according to, Naruto is a graphic novel
<bbot> it… is?
<atanok> *rocketbomber
<bbot> why, is it not supposed to be
<bbot> question mark?
<atanok> I believed not
<atanok> but how to resolve such a dispute?
<bbot> I’d call manga a subset of graphic novels
<atanok> with absolute accurate universal truth
<bbot> and apparently the rocketbomber sales chart holds the same posistion
<bbot> atanok: reload that page
<atanok> OH NOES
<bbot> in b4 edit war

This rapidly culminated with me editing the article’s first image in GIMP, in an attempt to further improve the flawless collection of all human knowledge that is wikipedia.


Only after completing this edit did I notice that unregistered wikepedians had no way to upload files.


Having lost my timely opportunity, the file was left unused.

2009/06/08 drops the loli and I bitch about mime types

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Because bbot holds as many trademarks for “making comments into posts” as he does for Abridged Script™

I posted this on good ol’, holder of the Guinness Book of Records’ title for “best URL evar”, in the post where they officially announce that the place wasn’t so loli after all.

They decided to drop the loli and just be because they had begun posting regular stuff and that was confusing users and admins alike.

But where did the .su domain come from anyways?
Oh, that’s right.

Well, after some due whining from its user base, they decided to keep the loved, and just redirect it to the loli category of the main site.

But enough introduction, here’s my post:

I don’t have much to say about this… I came looking for loli and bookmarked it because I was pretty satisfied with the quantity and selection.

I started coming here more often after the scanlators I followed either stopped releasing or started doing crapfloods of MILF titles… because this remained a safe haven tucked away from the userbase of the ZOMG HORNY UHEG TITS N ASS from the scanlators’ sites, and the AIDS-infected *chans which had their loli boards constantly flooded with either random requests or fugly “daddy” photo-realistic 3D CGI.

The only problem I have with the nonloli content being thrown in, is that it could potentially attract that kind of users, and make this place into the shithole the others have become.
You see, because it’ll attract people who only seek that kind of stuff, and then they’ll infest the rest of the material.
“What is this shit? You disgusting pedophiles!”
“Haha, you know, where I come from theres this thing called BOOBS”
“Why is this here? Please remove this, it’s nothing like the other good ones.”
“Yo whats dis shit, I came here lookin for some nice ASS!”

In essence, I believe it has the potential to fag up the place a lot, and that’s what concerns me.

On another note, the .dlc files, being the mixture of annoyance and convenience that they are, have been troubling me a bit for the fact that they have no mime-type associated to them, and that kind of makes it hard to tell the browser what to do.

.dlc is a pretty obscure format as of now, so your web server probably treats it as a random binary file and sends application/octet-stream as the type…
Now, I’ve tried looking around for an “official” subtype for .dlc, but I haven’t found any so I’ll just suggest one:


based on:

prs. because it’s a personally-made type it’s for this domain only, after all (for now)
-dlc defines the type of the file (you could add other nonstandard types someday if you need)

Doing this should be extremely simple, and while it adds new functionality, users who don’t want to take advantage of this would be unaffected.

An example of how to do it with Apache:

If you’re wondering what the heck is a .dlc, hold your google horses and just follow this link.
It’s simply a bunch of URLs encrypted into place to avoid e-crusaders who scourge the tubes reporting everything not resembling a MILF.

I intended to make firefox launch the annoyingly bloated little program automagically, but I came to the quick (and probably wrong) conclusion that I’m depending on a correct mime type being sent to do it.
But for now, the only way I see is delicious mime.
That, or using Windows and a hackjob some guy must have released.
Which will also add a new toolbar for your convenience.

On another note, I’d like to confess that I’ve never run a web server in my life.

Edit: here’ s a picture showing the 4 browsers I tested handling a dlc from


Clockwise, from the top-left:
– Opera decided that the mime type was probably a fuckup and, while right, did a fuckup by itself by guessing it as plain text.
– Firefox thinks “not this shit again” and says it’s a “BIN” file, not giving an option to “open with” because the type is (wrongly) used for fucking everything.
– Elinks running on gnome-terminal, showing the header sent for the dlc file. Oh… OH GOD WHAT
– Konqueror is being a pretty cool guy by being the perfect example of a good behavior: don’t guess, don’t discriminate. Also true for elinks.


[Touhou] Mountain of Faith, Extra Stage ReimuB – Clear HD

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So, as it turns out, the extra stage from Mountain of Faith isn’t that hard.
It only took me about a week or two to beat it, so it’s a different order of magnitude altogether compared to Embodiement of Scarlet Devil, which I haven’t beat yet. Damn you, Flandre ❤

Both parts were uploaded to youtube 3 days ago and I made the final adjustments today to make them public, so here they are:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I put the links for those who loathe flash and rather go to the source page to downloads the videos as mp4. Using greasemonkey, of course.

Note: for performance and bandwidth purposes, be aware that there is no difference in the audio from HQ to HD. In case you were using HD for higher audio quality.

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