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Randomness #1

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This blag needs more posting, but even if I have a lot on my mind I can’t seem to find the time to write about it.

So, it’s time for some randomness.

The following transcript occurred in the sequence of this post:

<atanok> 9. ↓-2 (7) : Naruto 43 – Viz Shonen Jump, [608.2] ::
<atanok> according to, Naruto is a graphic novel
<bbot> it… is?
<atanok> *rocketbomber
<bbot> why, is it not supposed to be
<bbot> question mark?
<atanok> I believed not
<atanok> but how to resolve such a dispute?
<bbot> I’d call manga a subset of graphic novels
<atanok> with absolute accurate universal truth
<bbot> and apparently the rocketbomber sales chart holds the same posistion
<bbot> atanok: reload that page
<atanok> OH NOES
<bbot> in b4 edit war

This rapidly culminated with me editing the article’s first image in GIMP, in an attempt to further improve the flawless collection of all human knowledge that is wikipedia.


Only after completing this edit did I notice that unregistered wikepedians had no way to upload files.


Having lost my timely opportunity, the file was left unused.


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  1. hurr durr make an account then

    Comment by bbot — 2009/06/26 @ 04:43

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