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recordmydesktop and ensuing gtk frontend. Sound capture drama.

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goddammit Linux, these sound server schemes are way too complicated.

I want to record the desktop to elaborate tutorial videos, gaming capture and whatnot, but even though an awesome video capture tool is available, recordmydesktop, it’s the audio capture that’s bringing me closer to those nice young men in their clean white coats, and they’re coming to take me away HA HAA!

So far I’ve figured thatmy Intel “HDA” integrated audio board refuses to provide a “stereo mix” or “wave” output, and recordmydesktop doesn’t support PulseAudio (Ubuntu 8.10 default, thus Linux Mint) as a capture source.
It does however support JACK, a much lower latency sound server, but older and apparently underfeatured.

My general idea now is as follows:
Programs=>PulseAudio->JACK->recordmydesktop (for capture)
Programs=>Pulseaudio->ALSA->Hardware (for playback)

The second line what I think is already in place, so no problems there.
The first one though is giving me headaches, mixed with short breath, cough and dripping nose caused by what I suspect to be a bronchitis, but I digress…

I’ve tried using JACK with its friendly qjackctl GUI frontend to no avail, but I suspect the error in this case might be located between the chair and the keyboard, I must confess.

I’ll now give myself into a restless sleep while thinking about these issues, plus a broken 360 that isn’t mine and a driving code exam I should be studying for.

Oh, the unfunny drama keeps adding up.


Quick update.

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Long story short, I got attracted to Linux Mint 6 as an Ubuntu 8.04 user and because the Vista install on this laptop got somehow fried (ask MS) I decided to sudo rm -rf / and upgrade to the new 8.10-based distro.

I had an 8.04/Vista dualboot btw. Didn’t use Vista that much, once per month at most.

Everything went smoothly, and I got a shiny new OS running in minutes. This was about a week ago.

Now, onto the next post regarding problems that already haunted me in 8.04…


Hotlinking fun.

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lol wut

bbot bait :3

Hello world! Oh you…

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


I was going to kick things off by making a first topic titled “Hello world!”, but you had to ruin it by doing it by yourself.

Damn you, damn you, damn you, damn you!


Now that I’m over with that, I’ll officially declare this the first post.

Wish me luck with this blog of mine, which shall be viewed by an average of 1,33* people, including myself and google misdirects.

*repeating, of course.

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