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BBlogathon: It’s ON

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In an unprecedented display of bold disregard for one’s clear disadvantage, I- the holder of the proud name atanok, accept the challenge launched upon me by the bbot — in a fair contest between the two of us mighty bloggers for the duration of twenty four hours.

I wish my worthy opponent the best of luck.



godawful transcript

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This was posted in a doujinstyle thread about the video I “stole” and reuploaded due its unrivaled accurate introduction to Touhou, that good old Akihabara doujin anime we all know and love.

The video was first posted by me at Encyclopedia Dramatica’s own Touhou page, and then picked up by some guy who started the aforementioned thread with it.

I found about the thread thanks to youtube’s video statistics, which shows referrers and embed locations.

The post:

I failed to beat the final boss in Uwabami Breakers again, so I went and vented my slight frustration by doing a transcript of the whole damned video, for your enjoyment.

I stuck to typing everything correctly, despite any wrong pronunciation. Because it’s just that more fun this way.

Plain text, no formatting.

Best read in synchrony with the video.

Ok so guys uh
just as uh- as I promised twenty seconds ago
well, I’m still uploading the video up on youtube
I’m gonna show you this anime game
I have a couple anime games
like Haruhi Suzumiya a couple
I’m gonna show you… a doujinshi anime called touhou
ok, hum
let me tell you about doujinshi
doujinshi is a fan made manga, in Tokyo
specifically it’s made in a town called akihabara in Japan, if you heard of it
so, uh the point is to sell doujinshis just like you sell manga
for people who can’t actually form a uh, actual manga… *vibration sound* company
aw shit that’s my cellphone
let me just get it – wait
oh fucking hell
fuck you
ok, so I’m back uh
where were we?
yeah, doujinshi
so yeah
and there’s this one doujinshi anime called Touhou
these are some of the characters, in the doujinshi game
now, the game
it’s an STG, RPG/STG game
STG stands for… shooting game… I think
shooting game.
bullet curtains.
it’s a- it’s a shooting game
yeah, just think of it that way
so yeah here we go
you might not hear my voice but
the heck with it
wait let me
I- I know a thing uh
let me just lower the volume in the game
ok so uh here we go
I can put this in fullscreen
but I’m gonna avoid it any chances of uh failed recording
so I have to redo the whole fucking thing over again
no, I’m not gonna do that, I’m not gonna risk that chance
so here we go
The game’s…
ok, here we go
ok, it’s kind of slow because I’m recording it
I’m audio recording and screen recording it
just give a minute
*phone vibrates*
fucking hell
I’m on easy mode
I- I have been on Lunatic mode
which is the hardest level
next to uh Hard level
ok, there’s these creatures
and uh the uh boss
should come any minute
the game is called Touhou Mountain of Faith
It’s a Japanese game of course because it’s a doujinshi game
I’m not sure if this is all gonna come up right or not
and I have cleared this game- this whole game
so yeah
that’s how the game is
I only show you a preview because in my actually-
when I’m actually gonna show you the actual game in full screen
I’m gonna… well I’m gonna make the video separate
this is just a review on the anime- doujin anime called Touhou
you can download these games off of doujin style dot com
I think it was dot com
just google it
go to google and type in doujin
doujin hyphen style dot com
if it wasn’t that URL just google it
type in doujin – D-O-U… G-I-N… hyphen.. style.. S-T-Y-L-E dot com
sooner or later you’re gonna find a download link for it
there’s about ten games
from that anime
so have fun
it’s a really good game
it takes about- it took me about five hours to clear the whole game on normal level
normal level
and it’s pretty difficult if you don’t have any- you know fast reactions
good reactions
so you’re gonna need common sense and reactions
and of course have fun to play the fun game
this is zk43a
on the next video I’ll show you the actual preview without me talking in it
playing the… game
so yeah, sorry about that… confusion
so… I guess I’ll see ya.

I’m planning to adapt this script into subtitles, and perhaps cleaned and pronunciation-accurate versions.

But I’m simply not wasting more time on this right now.

I have a fake black barman that needs to be taken care of.

note: transcript released under the WTF Public License

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