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Randomness #1

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This blag needs more posting, but even if I have a lot on my mind I can’t seem to find the time to write about it.

So, it’s time for some randomness.

The following transcript occurred in the sequence of this post:

<atanok> 9. ↓-2 (7) : Naruto 43 – Viz Shonen Jump, [608.2] ::
<atanok> according to, Naruto is a graphic novel
<bbot> it… is?
<atanok> *rocketbomber
<bbot> why, is it not supposed to be
<bbot> question mark?
<atanok> I believed not
<atanok> but how to resolve such a dispute?
<bbot> I’d call manga a subset of graphic novels
<atanok> with absolute accurate universal truth
<bbot> and apparently the rocketbomber sales chart holds the same posistion
<bbot> atanok: reload that page
<atanok> OH NOES
<bbot> in b4 edit war

This rapidly culminated with me editing the article’s first image in GIMP, in an attempt to further improve the flawless collection of all human knowledge that is wikipedia.


Only after completing this edit did I notice that unregistered wikepedians had no way to upload files.


Having lost my timely opportunity, the file was left unused.


2009/06/08 drops the loli and I bitch about mime types

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Because bbot holds as many trademarks for “making comments into posts” as he does for Abridged Script™

I posted this on good ol’, holder of the Guinness Book of Records’ title for “best URL evar”, in the post where they officially announce that the place wasn’t so loli after all.

They decided to drop the loli and just be because they had begun posting regular stuff and that was confusing users and admins alike.

But where did the .su domain come from anyways?
Oh, that’s right.

Well, after some due whining from its user base, they decided to keep the loved, and just redirect it to the loli category of the main site.

But enough introduction, here’s my post:

I don’t have much to say about this… I came looking for loli and bookmarked it because I was pretty satisfied with the quantity and selection.

I started coming here more often after the scanlators I followed either stopped releasing or started doing crapfloods of MILF titles… because this remained a safe haven tucked away from the userbase of the ZOMG HORNY UHEG TITS N ASS from the scanlators’ sites, and the AIDS-infected *chans which had their loli boards constantly flooded with either random requests or fugly “daddy” photo-realistic 3D CGI.

The only problem I have with the nonloli content being thrown in, is that it could potentially attract that kind of users, and make this place into the shithole the others have become.
You see, because it’ll attract people who only seek that kind of stuff, and then they’ll infest the rest of the material.
“What is this shit? You disgusting pedophiles!”
“Haha, you know, where I come from theres this thing called BOOBS”
“Why is this here? Please remove this, it’s nothing like the other good ones.”
“Yo whats dis shit, I came here lookin for some nice ASS!”

In essence, I believe it has the potential to fag up the place a lot, and that’s what concerns me.

On another note, the .dlc files, being the mixture of annoyance and convenience that they are, have been troubling me a bit for the fact that they have no mime-type associated to them, and that kind of makes it hard to tell the browser what to do.

.dlc is a pretty obscure format as of now, so your web server probably treats it as a random binary file and sends application/octet-stream as the type…
Now, I’ve tried looking around for an “official” subtype for .dlc, but I haven’t found any so I’ll just suggest one:


based on:

prs. because it’s a personally-made type it’s for this domain only, after all (for now)
-dlc defines the type of the file (you could add other nonstandard types someday if you need)

Doing this should be extremely simple, and while it adds new functionality, users who don’t want to take advantage of this would be unaffected.

An example of how to do it with Apache:

If you’re wondering what the heck is a .dlc, hold your google horses and just follow this link.
It’s simply a bunch of URLs encrypted into place to avoid e-crusaders who scourge the tubes reporting everything not resembling a MILF.

I intended to make firefox launch the annoyingly bloated little program automagically, but I came to the quick (and probably wrong) conclusion that I’m depending on a correct mime type being sent to do it.
But for now, the only way I see is delicious mime.
That, or using Windows and a hackjob some guy must have released.
Which will also add a new toolbar for your convenience.

On another note, I’d like to confess that I’ve never run a web server in my life.

Edit: here’ s a picture showing the 4 browsers I tested handling a dlc from


Clockwise, from the top-left:
– Opera decided that the mime type was probably a fuckup and, while right, did a fuckup by itself by guessing it as plain text.
– Firefox thinks “not this shit again” and says it’s a “BIN” file, not giving an option to “open with” because the type is (wrongly) used for fucking everything.
– Elinks running on gnome-terminal, showing the header sent for the dlc file. Oh… OH GOD WHAT
– Konqueror is being a pretty cool guy by being the perfect example of a good behavior: don’t guess, don’t discriminate. Also true for elinks.

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