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How to run Umineko no Naku Koro ni (en) portable and multi-OS

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Update: getting the Windows version and then the onscripter executables for Mac and GNU/Linux is the best method right now.
Get everything at this page.

The Linux executable on that page is statically linked, which drastically reduces dependencies, at the cost of being larger and… well… not being dynamically linked. But it’s better for portability.

[rest is outdated, Witch Hunt have released a new version of the patch, which makes things slightly harder for Mac users attempting this guide. Can still be used as a reference.]

v1 rev3


This how to is intended for those who want to:

  • Use ONScripter-EN to play graphic novels in GNU/Linux.
  • “Install” Umineko no Naku Koro ni in GNU/Linux. (With english patch)
  • Make the game portable so you can play it on multiple operating systems and/or machines.

That includes Windows users who want to play in multiple Windows installations/computers.

We will be using Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) as the base distro.

I personally use Linux Mint 6, which is for all matters the same.

A great deal of credit for this guide must go to NegativeZero from pinkubentobox for his post on running Umineko in Linux.

This wouldn’t be possible without:

ONScripter-EN‘s maintainer, Haeleth

The original ONScripter.

The Witch Hunt Translation Project, who take all credit for the english translation patch.

07th Expansion‘s Ryukishi07 – need I say more?




Quick comment on Call of Duty: World at War

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I posted this as comments on a youtube video, so I might as well dump it here for some quick new content.

CoD:WaW flamethrower scripted death

Some guy we never quite get attached to gets script-killed by a Nazi flamethrower.
Until the sequence finishes, the enemy is invulnerable to bullets, fire, melee, division by zero, and lazorz.

Guess what. I went and beat the game.
Before, I thought it would be simply bad, overly violent (the kind that makes gameplay worse) and use the ridiculous brown post-effect filters certain games nowadays add for “realism”.
Now I know while it’s not a horrid experience, it clearly shows it’s a refurbished CoD4. And most of the changes were for the worse.
The high difficulty was due to map design flaws and enemy over-consciousness, instead of the lethal-yet-believable enemies from CoD4. The flamethrower was pathetic and unrealistic (Hollywood style, gas instead of liquid), molotovs were poorly coded grenade hackjobs, handguns underpowered, cinematics badly scripted, poor storyline immersion or believability, annoying allied AI, ridiculous enemy respawning behaviors… the annoying flaws go on.
Nazi Zombies were the icing on top of the already unbelievable atmosphere.
Bottom line: It was bad as I thought, but for different reasons than those I expected.

btw, I only beat it once, in Veteran difficulty. Just like I did with CoD4 for the first time.
Finished in 2 sittings (I was already beat up and needed sleep on the first one).
I think it was easier than CoD4, but ironically I found CoD4 to be more “fair” – as in when you die, you know what you did wrong and what killed you. You think “that was my fault, I should have been better”.
On this one tough, 90% of the times I died all I was thinking was “WTF I didn’t expect that. What’d I do wrong?”.

I posted it here, a trailer for the game.

The trailer isn’t representative of the game in any way whatsoever.



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Touhou can be pretty addicting…

I’ll post some of my ridiculous attempts at subduing Flandre one of these days…
Maybe some Ran videos as well… I almost got her last time… I swear…

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