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[Touhou] Perfect Cherry Blossom: Extra Stage ReimuB – Clear :part 1/2: HD

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This has been a draft for over a month, so I’ll just dump this here now before it gets too old…

This is the Extra stage in Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Part 1 shows the stage before reaching the Extra boss, Ran Yakumo (Yukari’s shikigami).
This is the very first time I clear Extra, so it gets pretty desperate at the end, specially since it was also my first time seeing Ran’s last spellcard and I didn’t expect to win…

In this part I use a couple of bombs in a stupid fashion and I die once against small fry due to distraction by my part.
It *is* embarrassing, but looks like generally bad beginnings result in a better performance later on for many players… I think I might start becoming superstitious >_>

This video was encoded with results based on a couple earlier tests to see how could I keep youtube from drastically reducing video quality.
It turns out youtube only places quality concerns over videos that have EXACTLY 1280×720 as resolution (and not a pixel row or column less). This means I have two reasonable options to keep a high quality and the aspect ratio…
Take the 640×480 video and…
– keep it that way while adding filler black space all around it.
– upscale to 960×720 and put sidebars to make up for the missing 320 pixel colums.
The advantages of each approach are obvious.
The first is the best approach in size and quality, since the moving video is restricted to a 640×480 frame, making it easier on the codec and not subjecting the source video to an upscale filter.
The second approach exists only for ease of view purposes, since it’ll take up the most space possible in the youtube frame, something important for those viewing in normal or high quality mode.

I chose the second one, despite the disadvantages and the unmentioned higher processing time on my end.

The codec used was x264 quality-based and the audio codec was Ogg Vorbis.
Both will be reencoded by youtube before reaching your end.

I think the best approach youtube could make would be providing their conversion tool for download and putting the conversion load off-site, on the uploaders’ machines.
If concerned that it would be used for other purposes, they could make it output some stupid proprietary format that would simply be the normal output h264/AAC stream encrypted with their public key (make one), so that only they could decode the file.
Then, run it trough a simple test algorithm to see it’s a valid video stream and host it directly, making the lower quality versions on-site based on that.
I wouldn’t forgive them if they came out with a “New! Beta uploader try now!” and give a stupid .exe when their own damn conversion tool is running on linux

Since the time I wrote this, youtube changed to recognize videos with other widths as “HD”.

Edit: Might as well post the continuation while I’m here…



Still alive.

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Gee, it sure is one month without posting around here.


Quick update.

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Long story short, I got attracted to Linux Mint 6 as an Ubuntu 8.04 user and because the Vista install on this laptop got somehow fried (ask MS) I decided to sudo rm -rf / and upgrade to the new 8.10-based distro.

I had an 8.04/Vista dualboot btw. Didn’t use Vista that much, once per month at most.

Everything went smoothly, and I got a shiny new OS running in minutes. This was about a week ago.

Now, onto the next post regarding problems that already haunted me in 8.04…


Hotlinking fun.

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lol wut

bbot bait :3

Hello world! Oh you…

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


I was going to kick things off by making a first topic titled “Hello world!”, but you had to ruin it by doing it by yourself.

Damn you, damn you, damn you, damn you!


Now that I’m over with that, I’ll officially declare this the first post.

Wish me luck with this blog of mine, which shall be viewed by an average of 1,33* people, including myself and google misdirects.

*repeating, of course.

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