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Crysis: Warhead

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I beat this one about 2 weeks ago, and it’s still fresh in my memory, so let’s do a quick overview.

Screenshots look more awesome than moving images.

Screenshots look more awesome than moving images.

It’s about the same thing as Crysis, only better in about every way.

Still far from being a masterpiece, Warhead makes quite a few improvements from its parent title – specially in what it comes to storytelling.
The faceless soldier gets replaced by Psycho, the likable British comrade we fought alongside before. He does a pretty better job as lead character, showing some (still somewhat cheap) emotions and some character development.
He also gets a nice nemesis, NKA’s Colonel Lee, who displays gratuitous sadism whenever possible, and a mixed-feelings-background-story old friend, O’Neill. Both more memorable than Nomad (main character) from the original Crysis.

The weapons are about the same, with a few additions that don’t really change much.
The suit’s power capacity and recovery times were apparently fine-tuned for the better (I think…).
AI is still a bit erratic, but more balanced and consistent.

As for the difficulty, it’s still a walk in the park on the hardest setting. The differences between difficulty levels is still small, and most changes are things like disabling grenade warnings, no ammo auto pickup, enemies speak Korean, no crosshairs, etc…

Ok, so let’s wrap it up:
Crysis Warhead was an improvement over Crysis, it makes for some enjoyable gaming, while still not being a marking title.
Multiplayer was left out because I don’t.


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  1. No multiplayer? Who do you think you are, Yahtzee?

    In regards to the actual post, I found Warhead’s plot slightly mystifying, since I only played the demo of the first game, and Warhead seems to be assuming that you had played a bit more than that, which is a curious narrative choice for what was marketed as a expandalone.

    Comment by bbot — 2009/05/03 @ 21:17

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